Relaxation massage

combines advantages of classic & energic massage, awakens muscles, skin and circulation system, meanwhile direcly affecting the nervous system – balances negative reactions to stress, relieses muscle tension, re-establishes the correct heartbeat rhythm, circulation and blood pressure. Performed by slow movements creating calming and anti-stress effect. Relieses full body tension. It is highly recommended after longlasting physical or mental effort. Helps the regeneration of forces and eliminates negative effects of stress caused by everyday life, tiredness and exhaustion, for example: insomnia, headache, backpain, legs & arms pain. Has a major positive effect on depression, neurosis, streghtens will of life, improvvise vitality. Establishes a dream element of a true rest. The depth of relaxation might achieve different levels:
  • Physical – noticeable decrease of muscle & body tension;
  • Emotional – feeling of happiness, calm;
  • Psychical – increased body confidence, deeper consciousness and psychosomatic reactions;
Candles, aromatic fragrances, incense, essential oils, exotic music are all necessary elements of the massage, which help the relaxation and improve the overall experience.
It is also often an introduction to other massages or therapeutic exertions.