Tantric Yin & Yang ceremony for two

Tantric Yin & Yang ceremony for two, excellent relax for the couple
Spend incredible moments together with your loved one in Orient Massage.
In order to meet your expectations we have prepared an incredible Ceremony:
  • full body peeling;
  • aromatic tantric massage with elements of nuru & lingam;
  • relax with the cocktail/drink/glass of wine/coffee/tea (as a choice) and a sweet treat;
You will lay close to each other in a temple prepared for this special occasion. In the room you will be accompanied by beautiful, highly vibrating music; your senses will be awakened by the relaxing scent of herbs while your bodies will be illuminated by the candle lights. The masseurs with their touch will lead you to an incredible place, which is located in yourselves. A place full of love, calm and incredible pleasure. How far you will want to reach depends only on you both.
Give yourselves this amazing gift of a stunning experience and rediscover new potentials of your relationship. You can choose a common massage performed by two women or a woman and a man.