Yoni massage, dedicated only to women

This is not about sex. Yoni is a therapy for a woman – insecure, stressed, cold, hurt. It is an art of touch which heals the inside.
Yoni means vagina – which seems to be just a casual organ known even by 6 year olds, but from the woman’s point of view it is so much more. It is enough to think about how we feel when something down there is not right, how much emotional significance does penetration have, how many impulses do flow by our nerve system during the erotic climax… And even if the most seen symbol of femminility for men will still be the breast, there is no such other centre of intimacy as Yoni.
Yoni massage is then recommended for women who have been through much, patients after gynecological treatments, women with distorted sexual awareness. Yoni therapy is an interior renewal of the vagina, regulation of hormonal problems and, last but not least, it helps to get rid of shame and fear. It is not an element of preliminary game or a motive for a porn movie. It is a theraphy for both body & mind, which allows some of us to understand for the very first time that sometimes it is just about our own, unlimited pleasure.
Performed by a professional with his hands dipped in a natural, subtle and lightly heated oil, the massage is focused mainly on the belly, thighs and whereabouts of the pubis bone. It can last very long – until the woman will get completely calm and will surrender to the rotating hand movement.
During the yoni massage we can observe the reliese of hidden emotions. The massaged person will feel a variety of incredible pleasure, but may also feel the need of shouting or crying. It is a way of experiencing the ecstasy. The hand movements of the masseur lead to very intensive sensations, while the climax is unexplicably rewarding and longlasting.