Orient Massage

Give us a bit of relaxation with us. In today’s world, full of rush and permanent stress, we are looking for effective ways to relax. A variety of massages can help. With a beautiful, professional masseuse or a handsome and qualified masseur, you will forget about all your problems. In the delicate twilight, in the light of candle flames, with relaxing music, you will be able to calm down and drift away. During the sensual massage you will feel light and blissful, you will get to know something that you have never experienced before. A relaxing massage will soothe your tired, stressed body, relax your muscles, bring relief and pleasure. Sports massage will regenerate your muscles and skin. Oriental and nuru will stimulate your senses and make your stress disappear into oblivion. Tao will free your mind and relax your body, so when done in steam it can deepen the relationship and solve the problems of the relationship and partners’ bodies. The offices have been prepared with the most demanding clients in mind, looking for aesthetics and a relaxing atmosphere during a massage session. Our staff consists of qualified, young and beautiful masseuses and masseurs with extensive experience. We do not provide any sexual services during any massage. Each office is also equipped with a large shower. We offer relaxing, sports and oriental massages of the whole body, an injection of sensuality and exciting sensations that improve your condition and release tension. The massage program in the salon is always comprehensive. At the client’s request, it can consist of several types of massages, performed sequentially – one after another in various techniques. The massage is performed with graceful, very smooth and gentle movements of the hands and body. Massage in the Orient salon is a beautiful and somewhat mysterious ritual with a healing and relaxing effect, combined with biological regeneration. It takes place in a calm, light, blissful and carefree atmosphere with pleasant background music.